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Elope Originals - Giant King Plush Hat

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Quick Overview

“It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.” Whether you rule with an iron fist or a velvet glove, all will bow before you in the Giant King crown by elope! A farcical adaptation of the regal symbol, this comical crown features an oversized red ruby rhinestone and faux ocelot fur. Assemble the knights of the round table, and protect the realm during your reign! Includes a hidden pocket for storing gold and jewelry, as well as a Velcro size adjuster to ensure a comfortable fit for royalty of all sizes.

Essential costume accessory for:
• King
• Lord
• Aristocrat
• Emperor

Product Specifications:
• Item Packaged 23" x 9" x 6"
• Sized for adults
• An elope original product
• Made with 75% Polyester/25% Cotton
• Age Grade 14
• Wholesale customers order in multiples of 2

Delicious Details

Giant King

Vital Info

UPC 618480345322
Dimensions (by inches)
H :21
L :8.5
W :6